SKF Fork Seals

€ 32.42

SKF forks seals kit for Mountain bike front suspension.

  • MTB32FN - For Fox 32 mm fork, model 2003 to now, compatible also for BOS 32mm
  • MTB32R - For Rock Shox 32 mm fork, model 2008 to now,
  • MTB32DT - For DT Swiss 32 mm fork, model 2012 to now,
  • MTB34FN - For Fox 34 mm fork, model 2012 to now, compatible also for BOS 34mm
  • MTB35R - For Rock Shox 32 mm fork, model Lyrik et Pike from 2008 to now,
  • MTB35TT - For Rock Shox 35 mm fork, with double crown,
  • MTB36FN - For Fox 36 mm fork, model 2007 to now, compatible also for BOS 36mm
  • MTB40FN – For Fox 40 mm fork, model 2003 to now.


  • An oil seal and a wiper seal to minimize contamination reaching the oil seal
  • Specially developed NBR elastomer with lower friction characteristics
  • Wiper seal with optional dual lip design for high contamination situations
  • New oil seal lip geometry specific to fork seals


  • Increased life and performance
  • Enhanced water and dirt protection capability
  • Reduced and constant friction over the life of seal
  • Much improved ride comfort
  • Reduced wear and air suction

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