We created the company in 2010 according to our vision of competition and high-tech engineering. We design shift up products for the world's best competitors and demanding riders. To design lightweight and reliable products, we use numerical optimization tools that give us the best ratio between weight and strength. Our expertise is based on more than 6 years experience as engineer consultant for leading brands of bicycle and suspension. We test our products in several stages which is the last Cup XC mountain bike world.


Romain Boireaux
co-founder of Shift Up, graduated from the Engineering School of Arts & Métiers, virtual prototyping specialty. He is also a Cross Country rider.

Pierre Geo
Shift Up co-founder, graduated from l'Ecole Central de Lyon, mechanical and mecatronic specialty. Cross County international racer level he is currently integrated into the Team B'Twin. His Results: 35th ranking at XCO World Cup 2009, winner of the 2008 Forest and Transvésubienne in 2007.